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"An Amazingly Crappy Story" and watch this 60 second overview video by Geoff Hill, PhD, founder and director of Toilet Tech

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We have provided toilet solutions for dozens of high use public sites in North and South America. We have toilets from sea level to 12,000 ft., and from rainforest to desert ecosystems and at sites visited by millions of visitors per year (like Angel's Landing). TTWM systems are robust and our different toilet types allow us to provide low-cost high-performance solutions for the most difficult sites. 

Toilet Types

When planning your next toilet project, you need to know which type of system to install and how to size it.  This section of the website guides you through the three toilet types of toilets that we offer and helps you understand their suitability and compatibility with your site, maintenance, and objectives.  


Waste Away

How it Works

Our toilets depend on the Behind-The-Wall (BTW) urine diversion seat. This seat is the critical component as it splits urine from solid waste at the source (no mixing).  Urine is treated onsite by native soils or in simple gravity flow treatment.  Solid waste is decomposed onsite by native bugs (Decompose) or stored in easily removed bags for infrequent and easy removal (Waste Away).  Watch the video above or click here to learn more.


We love the wilderness. Recognizing that we share this love with an ever-increasing number of people, we challenged ourselves to improve the management of human waste at North America's most extreme and high use sites. With our systems proven at these sites, widespread use in lower elevation and milder climates, including residential application, seems inevitable. This vision started with founder Geoff Hill's passion to improve waste management in  the Bugaboos (world class alpine climbing destination) where he did much of his PhD on this topic, and has spread to many of North and South America's high mountain parks including Mt. Rainier, Long's Peak, and Torres del Paine in Patagonia. Everyone needs to take care of business, but that doesn't mean it needs to be an eyesore, contaminate ground water, or smell terribly. We pride ourselves in robust and simple designs, client service, and adherence to basic (no-magic) ecological principles for waste management, waste treatment, and nutrient cycling. 


We take particular pride in our long list of repeat clients and the kind things they say about the quality of our work and our dedication to their success.

Feature Sites

Location: Smith Rock State Park, OR

Toilet Type: Urine Diverting Decompose

Usage: 50-200+ per day, year-round

Description: one of the first BTW urine diverting decompose toilets in the US.   In the last 5 years since replacing the Phoenix blue box, the system has generated zero pounds of waste.  The remaining original Phoenix next door generated 30,000 - 40,000 pounds of hazardous waste for disposal in the same period.  Click here for more info

Toilet Tech was founded in 2013 by Geoff Hill following his Ph.D. on the topic of human waste management.  Toilet Tech provided a 'blue ocean' opportunity to merge sustainability, technology and entrepreneurship in a field that had seen little innovation since the 1970's. Toilet Tech has grown to operate in Canada and the USA, employ engineers and technicians and make sales in North and South America. 

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